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Car tow dolly

Car tow dolly or car tow dollies is a trailer used to tow a car behind RV, pickup trucks, motorhome, or any cars that is powerful enough to tow another car behind. There are many types of tow dolly available in the market and some of them are specially build for cargo trailers, utility trailers, boats, and cars. Different kinds of usage require different kind of tow dolly. Here are some of the tips on how to choose tow dolly.

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How much weight can my car tow?

You will need to know how much weight can your car tow if you are planning to tow something with the car. Theoretically, any cars are able to tow 200% of the weight of the car, which means a 2009 Ford F150 that weighs 9200 lbs are able to tow 18400 lbs. In this case, you will need to know how much does my car weigh in order to get the 200% calculation.