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Car tow dolly or car tow dollies is a trailer used to tow a car behind RV, pickup trucks, motorhome, or any cars that is powerful enough to tow another car behind. There are many types of tow dolly available in the market and some of them are specially build for cargo trailers, utility trailers, boats, and cars. Different kinds of usage require different kind of tow dolly. Here are some of the tips on how to choose tow dolly.

If the car you are going to tow is front wheel drive, you can choose two-wheel tow dolly. You can simply pull the car’s front wheels off the pavement and tow the car. The dolly usually has a single bar that attaches to the trucks, RV, or motorhome’s safety chains. Check if the car has steering lock, it is a must to have. It is not recommended to tow a car without steering lock and must leave the car empty without any passengers or things.

Car tow dolly for 4WD or RWD

A tow dolly cannot be use to tow if the vehicle is four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine, rear-engine mounted, or very low cars especially sports cars. For all these vehicles, you will need car carrier that carries the whole car on a trailer that attaches to the rear of the RV cars, pickup trucks, or motorhome.

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Car tow dolly precautions

  • Read the tow dolly instructions carefully before using it. Do not tow any vehicles that are overweight.
  • Sports cars, exotic cars, or any low cars are not recommended to tow with tow dolly. There are many moving truck services to help to transfer supercars from one location to another.
  • Vehicles that are too wide are not recommended to tow. For example, not to tow vehicle that is over 70 to 80 inches.
  • Do not load any passengers, animal, or anything in the towed cars.

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