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How to change a thermostat on a Ford Ranger

Here is the complete step by step guide on how to change a thermostat on a Ford Ranger. The job can be done easily within half an hour for a professional. Ford Ranger’s engine bay is not complicated and it will take about an hour for someone who needs to read this in order to start the work. Before you start these steps, make sure you have parked the car for at least 30 minutes to let the engine cool down.
Step 1 Locate where is the thermostat
There are two hoses …

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How do I fix my car thermostat?

Here is your tasty information and answers to cars DIY question on “how do I fix my car thermostat?” and 5 simple easy steps to fix any car’s thermostat in a short time. When a car is always give over heating problem, it is most probably time to check out on the thermostat and get it replaced. It is important to know what a thermostat do, where is it located, and how to find out it is not working before changing a car thermostat.