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How to change a thermostat on a Ford Ranger

Here is the complete step by step guide on how to change a thermostat on a Ford Ranger. The job can be done easily within half an hour for a professional. Ford Ranger’s engine bay is not complicated and it will take about an hour for someone who needs to read this in order to start the work. Before you start these steps, make sure you have parked the car for at least 30 minutes to let the engine cool down.
Step 1 Locate where is the thermostat
There are two hoses …

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Ford Escape repair manual

Here you can get downloadable free Ford Escape repair manual in PDF or zip file. There are few different version of Ford repair manual available for Ford Escape XLS, Escape XLT, Escape Hybrid, and Escape Limited. Check the model year of your car and make sure you have download or purchase the right repair manual for your car.

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Ford F250 repair manual

Here you can find downloadable Ford F250 repair manual free in PDF version or zip file. This online repair manual for Ford F250 available here covers all model year from tenth generation. The repair manual comes with the car engine diagram, wiring diagram, brake line diagram, fuel system, interior, and among others.

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Ford Taurus repair manual

Here you can find downloadable free Ford Taurus repair manual in PDF version. You can download any Ford repair manuals or the Ford Taurus owner manual here easily. The repair manual explain clearly every single parts in the car as well as some delicious steps on how to find out the car problem and repair it in most efficient way. Other than soft copy, you can buy the hard copy of Ford Taurus manual with a little cost if you would like to keep it as collection.

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Ford fuel filter replacement

Here is your finest step by step on Ford fuel filter replacement and also some other filter replacement for any cars such as engine oil filer, air filter and parts number. Here you can find images, videos, and clear steps to get this work done. Things are pretty much simple to work on any Ford cars. It is either sends the car back to Ford service center or DIY Do-It-Yourself as changing a fuel filter will only take you couple of minutes as long as you know where to locate …

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Ford ranger repair manual

The information for Ford Ranger repair manual can be found here. All Ford cars information like Haynes Repair Manual for Ford Ranger Pick-ups (1993 to 2005), Ford Ranger & Bronco II which covers 1983 thru 1991 models, Chilton’s Ford Ranger, Explorer, Mountaineer 1991-1999 repair manual, Chilton Ford Ranger 2005 repair manual and many mores manual that you will ever need it to start a Ford car rebuild project. You can download the information for free or purchase the hard copy as collection. Check out more.