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Ford fuel filter replacement


Here is your finest step by step on Ford fuel filter replacement and also some other filter replacement for any cars such as engine oil filer, air filter and parts number. Here you can find images, videos, and clear steps to get this work done. Things are pretty much simple to work on any Ford cars. It is either sends the car back to Ford service center or DIY Do-It-Yourself as changing a fuel filter will only take you couple of minutes as long as you know where to locate the fuel filter and change it with correct tools and parts.

Where can I locate the fuel filter on a Ford?

It will become easier if you find from the Ford Owner’s Manual. Every owner’s manual will state clearly where is the fuel filter, engine oil filter, air filter, brake pad, servo pump and every detail parts or any accessories on your car. If you do not have your owner manual, look for something looks like a small tin which both ends connect to fuel pipe, one in and one out. Common Ford could be located under the driver’s seat on the frame rail or just right on top under a 2 bolted cover (Ford F250), you will just have to remove the 2 bolts then you will see it.

For some other different models, you can elevate the car up and start to search from fuel tank under the car body. You might need some of these related manual available here: Ford ranger repair manual, Online Ford Taurus manual, Ford Focus repair manual, Free Ford Mondeo owners manual, Ford f150 repair manual online.Last easy step to locate the fuel filter is to call your local dealership if you really can’t find it.

There are actually 2 types of fuel filter replacement you can do. One is with the filter cap and another one is without the filter cap. It depends on your preference. What we suggest is buy the same one with the original.

Ford fuel filter tool

The main tools you will need to use to perform this task is called “Fuel line removal tool”. It is available at most of the automotive or hardware parts stores. The price is in between US$5 to US$30 depends on the quality and function. A standard one will suitable for you if you are not changing the fuel filter always.

L shaped spanner/wrenches. Correct size of wrenches and screwdrivers are some other basic tools you need depend on your vehicle.

Eyeglasses. This is to protect your eye from any fuel.

Changing Ford fuel filters

Step 1 Make sure the engine is not hot AT ALL

Yes the first step may sound funny but safety has always come first. Never try to change the fuel filter while the engine is still hot. Never try to smoke while changing anything related to fuel system. This will lead to any unwanted accident to be happened.

Step 2 Open up the fuel filter

Open the fuel cap to release some of the fuel pressure. This will lower the fuel pressure and can prevent the fuel from spreading out everywhere through the fuel line. You will then have to use the L shaped wrench, hex wrench or screwdriver to remove the fuel filter cap/bracket/clamp/protective cover that guards the fuel filter. Check out some Ford repair manuals if you are unclear about this.

Step 3 Remove fuel lines

Remove the links/brackets/clips that abrupt the host to the filter, and then use the fuel line removal tools to remove all fuel lines and disconnect the fuel filter. Remember to cap the fuel lines with either pencil or any blocker to prevent the fuel from leaking out.

Step 4 Replace with the new fuel filter

Now replace the new fuel filter and simply snap on the fuel line. Install the safety clips, hoses and the filter cap. Done! And now, you can feel your car can go faster with a little bit more power and better fuel efficient after replaced the fuel filter.


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