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Replica Bugatti Veyron for sale at $89000

Bugatti Veyron, the world’s fastest street legal car that beat all other cars at this time, is the dream car for every car lover, costing at least $1.2 million to own one. Due to this reasons, only few hundreds of Veyron have ever been built. Some countries have a few of it while some countries don’t even stand the chance to see one. Now there is finally a replica Bugatti Veyron for sale at $89,000! That is even lesser than 1/10th of the original Veyron’s price. This is one of …

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Top 40 Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars

When men’s age reaches 40, it is a turn point, what are the best cars for them? Here are the delicious top 40 Mercedes-Benz sports cars at all-time from A to Z that suitable for not only men but also girls who love sports cars. Do not miss this list if you are planning to get any sports cars made by Mercedes-Benz.

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Audi Sports Car

Here are some of the most notable new Audi sports car as well as classic Audi sports cars that have been discontinued. It takes hundred years for a car to become an Audi, that’s the reason why the sports car listed here is so noteworthy to check out. Some of it has been discontinued and only available for sale with very high price through classic sports car auctions across the country. It is definitely luck to own one of these sports cars.

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Top 10 Sports Cars

It’s a beautiful day today, Angelina is going to share everyone the hottest and coolest top 10 sports cars. Some of these sports cars already cool when they do nothing but just squat on the road. This list is compiled in 2011 through the voting from MalaysiaMiniLover readers. Enjoy!

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Elfin Sports Cars

You are not a real sports cars lover until you know Elfin Sports Cars. This Australian car brand is just so wonderful to bring us many noteworthy sports cars until today.
Elfin Sports Cars was founded in 1957 by Garrie Cooper who is also a championship driver and sports cars designer. The company mainly manufactures sports cars and participates in many motor racing. Elfin have won many championships and major Grand Prix titles throughout the decades.

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Rapper shows off his $2 million sports cars

Sports cars are always big man’s toy, and this man, Birdman recently shows off the kind of toy over million dollars, the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the top 10 exotic sports cars that ranked number two as world’s fastest car. Birdman, who goes by his real name as Bryan Williams is a CEO of Cash Money Records, had snapped some shots of the Buggatti with a business card that reads “I am expensive”.