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Holy Crap! That’s a lot of Minis

How many Minis are on the train? Please count… At least it has more than 50 Minis on that long long train. Blue, yellow, red, black, grey, white, and green… Any color you can name, it is on that long train. What a great gathering day for all the BMW MINI owners. It must be fun!

This Mini garage was spotted in the United Kingdom. A man, or probably a woman, must be a great fan of the classic Mini that he or she can’t stop herself from being a Mini …

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The Ultimate Mini you don’t see that often

This picture is taken from Sydney Minis/Facebook. It is the ultimate Mini fitted with many ultimate parts. Look at that air inlet on top of the monster engine, does it reminds you of Vin Diesel’s muscle car in the movie “The fast and the furious”? Look at the special wheel arches, MK grill, clean engine, stainless steel wiper, and the sport seats inside the car. Err, missing the side mirror? The Mini is sitting on a set of ultimate Rebel wheels which believed to be 13” x 8”. Conclusion? You …