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Holy Crap! That’s a lot of Minis


A lot of BMW MINI

How many Minis are on the train? Please count… At least it has more than 50 Minis on that long long train. Blue, yellow, red, black, grey, white, and green… Any color you can name, it is on that long train. What a great gathering day for all the BMW MINI owners. It must be fun!

Classic Mini

This Mini garage was spotted in the United Kingdom. A man, or probably a woman, must be a great fan of the classic Mini that he or she can’t stop herself from being a Mini collector. The collection starts from one BMC Mini, two Morris Minis, three Austin Minis, four Mini wagons, five Mini travelers. You can see red, grey, black, white, blue, two-toned Mini in the garage. What a Mini aficionado! Angelina Soul love it and LIKE it.

A lot of Mini

Here comes the third picture of “Holy crap! That’s a lot of Minis” This picture was taken from Facebook, owner of the picture remained unknown. That is at least more than 100 units of Mini is stored in the warehouse, WTF? What the hell? Now you know why there are lesser Minis on the road today because all the crazy yet rich collectors have them all. However, most of the car heart (engine) has bee removed. We do hope the owner will restore them one by one and bring them out again for the 100th Mini Anniversary.

2012 Mini united munich

Now here’s the fourth photo. It is the 2012 MINI UNITED day organized by BMW AG inMunich. All in one for the united day – Friends, Festival, Racing.


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