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Saab threw white towel into the ring and says good bye

Saab Automobile has finally threw white towel into the ring and declared itself bankrupt on Monday. The Swedish car maker stopped making cars since April due to lack of funds. The company forced to say good bye after the former owner GM blocked their last rescue plan by Chinese investor Zhejiang Youngman Lotus Automobile.
Saab is one remarkable car maker that well-known for its innovation, green technology, safety, and turbo-charging system in the automobile industry. The company was founded in 1937 and it has been always making notable cars for 64 …

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2012 Toyota Camry

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry! Well, it’s what all the Toyota fans have been waiting for. The reinvented 2012 Toyota Camry has finally out! The car pictures hit the web, Youtube, twitter, and almost everywhere. The 2012 Toyota Camry is available in four trimlines with three types of engine forToyota fans to choose which are: Toyota Camry L, Toyota Camry LE, Toyota Camry XLE, and Toyota Camry SE.

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GM shuts down Saturn

Will GM shuts down Saturn by October 2010? (Updated Nov 2011, Yes it has been shut down) GM is expected to shut down Saturn after the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automobile to acquire Saturn in September 2009. The shut down will bring the end of a great car brand that built a lot of small compact cars and sold in U.S. popularly.

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Mini Article and News

Mini Cooper are what Mini Lovers want to get after hunting for all the cars that available nowadays. There are several models available nowadays from the Classic Mini Cooper to the New BMW Mini Cooper. Some Mini Lovers go for the model or the “taste” they like regardless of which models are better, which are more powerful, or which model is more cool.

The old saying “beauty is in the eyes of the lover” best describes what I have just said. It just like Mr Bean go for the classic MK3 …

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2008 Mini Cooper S inadvertent tattoos

On Dec 2008, some automotive websites reporting that American National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA ) has found that the dual tailpipes of the 2007-2008 MINI Cooper S protrude too far out from the center of the Cooper’s rear bumper and have caused an inadvertent tattoo ” O O ” on owner’s shins.