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2008 Mini Cooper S inadvertent tattoos


On Dec 2008, some automotive websites reporting that American National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA ) has found that the dual tailpipes of the 2007-2008 MINI Cooper S protrude too far out from the center of the Cooper’s rear bumper and have caused an inadvertent tattoo ” O O ” on owner’s shins.

Let’s imagine that you’ve just returned from a shopping with your girl friend and parked your 2007-2008 MINI Cooper S in the driveway. After leading the sweet girl up your steps and into the house, you return to the car to unload the stocks, goodies and gifts that you bought it. You pop open the Cooper hatch, reach over to grab all the stuff and start to feel a burning sensation on your shin. Yeah, you’ve been indoctrinated into the Club of Cooper S owners who now sport a circular prison tat on their legs.

According to NHTSA, the problem affects some 28,450 2007-2008 MINI Cooper S models. The problem has been documented and recorded on some Mini forum including Malaysiaminilover. Anyway, BMW is stepping up to address the issue and offering Cooper customers a new, shorter exhaust, free of charge. The recall will begins in January 2009 in America to schedule a replacement of the offending exhaust, so far this issue is contained to American Mini Cooper S 2007-2008.

Anyway, for all the Mini Cooper S owner in other country, you will just have to avoid your shins away from the exhaust tips to avoid beeing Tattooed 2 Os ” O O ” by COOper S.


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