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Goodbye Carroll Shelby, we will be missing you

If you are a huge fan of AC Shelby Cobra, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and some other great muscle cars, you have got to know the gentleman behind these cars, Carroll Shelby. The legendary car designer and world-champion racing driver died on Thursday at the age of 89. Shelby’s spirit and the cars he built will be will be with us forever.
Carroll Shelby is a winner at 24 Hours of Le Mansin 1959. He was driving for Aston Martin during that time and teamed with Roy …

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Ford Mustang Cars

You may easily find many Ford Mustang cars for sale in the market but not the first or second generation of Ford Mustang. The latest Ford Mustang are available almost everywhere, anyone who have the money can just walk into Ford dealers and book one instantly. In contrast, it is uneasy and it takes a lot of effort to find one classic Ford Mustang that is really in immaculate condition. Here in Malaysiaminilover.com there is one in original condition with all the original car parts for sale. Check it out.

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Ford Mustang Wallpaper

Find the delicious A-list of Ford Mustang wallpaper here from 1024 x 768 to 1600 x 1200. It is free to download and it will be great car wallpaper to spice up your desktop and give you power when do your job. If Ford Mustang wallpaper is not enough for you, you can still download some other wallpaper here like the Muscle Car Wallpaper, Exotic Car Wallpaper, or Bugatti Veyron wallpaper. Check this lovely Mustangs out now!

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Saleen Cars

Saleen cars just live on the planet for 26 years, nevertheless it has implant into exotic car lovers mind as a high performance sports cars image.
Saleen was founded by Steve Saleen in 1983. The name “Saleen” is famous and well-known for making limited high performance sports cars. Besides, the company manufactures high performance automotive parts to use in some legendary sports cars like the Mustang.

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Ford Cars

If you throw a stone to the sky, it will fall down and hit a Ford cars on the road. Although you may not agree with this sentence, you have to admit that Ford is really doing something special.
Ford or Ford Motor Company, being the world’s fourth largest automobile maker by worldwide sales and production, is a well-known first American car manufacturer founded on June 16, 1903 by a very handsome gentleman, Henry Ford.

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Old junk cars for sale

Old junk cars for sale can be found here. A list of old junk cars under 1000 dollars from United States, England, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Japan, China…etc is available here. One person’s garbage is another’s treasure, you can anytime find great muscle cars for sale or project cars for sale from old junk cars market. You can find any junk cars near to your area or sell your junk car here in MalaysiaMiniLover.com. Let’s work together to make this site a great place for people to hunt for old junk …