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List of full-size cars (2011)

In automobile world we have micro cars and bubble cars, which is extremely small and good enough to carry one or two passengers just like the BMW Isetta, Volugrafo Bimbo, or Messerschmitt. We then have subcompact cars or city car, which is good for people who just need a car for short distance travel or city use like the Ford Fiesta or Volkswagen Polo. Cars that slightly bigger than subcompact are compact cars or better known as small family cars. For example, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf, or the Chevrolet Cruze. …

Best Gas Mileage Cars »

Worst Gas Mileage Cars

Knowing the best gas mileage car is not enough, you will have to know what is the worst gas mileage cars in order to avoid them when buying new or used cars. You are definitely wrong if you think that cars with bad gas mileage are always big cars, trucks, SUVs or cars with huge engine capacity. Often, there are many small cars in the market drink gasoline or petrol like drinking water, be prepared to pay for the gas if you really fall in love with these cars.

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List of Ford concept cars

Here is the list of Ford concept cars from A to Z. Ford concept cars are sexy, cool, and definitely good to give a glance although most of the cars did not go into production. Since 1938, automobile world became vivacious when world’s first concept car was introduced. It doesn’t matter whether concept cars really went into production because it gives people an imagination of how future cars are and how the future world will be. Automobile world will be dulled and colorless without these concept cars.

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Old Ford Cars

See the list of classics, antiques, and some really really old Ford cars before 1940s here if you are looking for old Ford cars for sale. As the oldest American car marquee, there are many Ford cars were built before and after World War, some of these cars were built in very special shape for World War while some are built for the people as transport during the 20s like the Ford Model T.

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Hybrid Car List

See the complete hybrid car list here. The hybrid car list here is updated from time to time whenever there are any new hybrid cars introduced to the automobile world. The list here also include some of the hybrid cars that invented before 1990s and pre-war hybrid cars. You can click on the car to view the car details, read the reviews, and also check the selling price and compare these hybrid cars. See also: compare hybrid cars and Honda hybrid cars.

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List of Audi Cars

Here is the most complete, latest, and up-to-date list of Audi cars as well as Audi concept cars. If you are planning to buy any brand new or any used Audi cars, or you are looking for any Audi cars for sale, this list is probably very helpful for you as a guideline if you do not know which Audi model to buy. The list of Audi cars here covers Audi sedan cars, SUVs, as well as Audi sports car from A to Z. Most of Audi cars have high …