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List of cars model can and cant use RON 95 gasoline

All cars need petrol or gasoline to run. Petrol or gasoline is obviously a high demand resource all around the world. The price has been kept on rising according to gasoline price history due to the limited resources. Malaysia has changed its strategy by giving all car drivers to choose 2 types of petrol which is RON 95 at RM1.80 (USD0.50) per litter and RON97 at RM2.00 (USD0.57). This is a good strategy, but do you know that your car able to run on this RON 95? Make sure you …

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Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia

Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia? The idea is pretty much simple and easy, you will just have to take out another card while you take out your credit card from your wallet. Do not look down on this RM0.03 saving per each litre, if you look at the gasoline price history you will know our petroleum is getting lesser and price definitely going up through the time. It is not any pranks to pull on a car, there is a real trick in life. The petrol …

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Gasoline Price History

Gasoline Price History is an important chart as it may indicates future gasoline price trends. Gasoline plays a very big and important part in world economy especially when economy crisis. Some people look for impounded cars for sale or cars under 500 dollars to cut down their cost when buying cars, while some look for low fuel-consumption car to cut down their expenses in gasoline. Gasoline is a deep study in our life, and almost everyone depends on it in our daily life now. In this post, we will talk …