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Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia


Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia? The idea is pretty much simple and easy, you will just have to take out another card while you take out your credit card from your wallet. Do not look down on this RM0.03 saving per each litre, if you look at the gasoline price history you will know our petroleum is getting lesser and price definitely going up through the time. It is not any pranks to pull on a car, there is a real trick in life. The petrol price in Malaysia for 97’ is RM1.80 and all the Malaysian know that the price will go up to RM2.00 for 97’ in the coming September. Here’s a little technique where you can put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia.

The answer is everywhere in Esso or Mobil petrol station. The idea is very simple:

  1. Apply a esso mobil member card for FREE.
  2. Swipe it together each time you swipe your credit card to pay for your petrol. Alternatively pass the member card to the cashier each time you pay cash for your petrol. Doesn’t it waste a lot of you energy? No right? Beside you are driving a Mini electric cars which doesn’t require petrol.

Each 1,000 points you can claim back RM15/8.33 litre petrol.

RM1 petrol = 1 point, therefore RM1,000 petrol (555.55 litre petrol) = 1,000points.

Which means in total you pay RM1,000 to get 555.55 + 8.33 = 563.88 litre petrol from Esso/Mobil petrol station.

RM1000 / 563.88 = RM1.77 @ 1 litre petrol, got it?

Putting RM1.77 petrol in Malaysia

The petroleum is getting lesser, compressed air car, electric cars are getting more common, therefore we should workhard hand in hand to protect the natural source in this world together.

In conclusion, do not feel hassle to do so, save RM0.03 each litre you travel. You will found you save a lot in long term. Just a little sharing.


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