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Mini Shorty

Remember the half of half Mini created by Gary Houston and the matte black scissor doors Mini Cooper appeared in Malaysia? Today we have found another interesting classic Mini known as the Mini Shorty. Look at the photo of this car, isn’t it outstanding, eye-catching, and weird? It is shorter than the ordinary short nose Mini and without any doors. However, there is an original “bean locker” on the driver’s side. To get into the car, driver and passenger have to jump in.

This Mr. Bean Mini Shorty is powered by …

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It’s just half of a Mini

Gary Houston from Newcastle, United Kingdom, has one really exciting Mini. The car is half of an ordinary Austin Mini. What? Just half? Yes, the ordinary Mini is small enough but this mini Mini is one of a kind. Two of these cars only need to pay one parking ticket because they are able to fit into one parking lot.

This mini Mini is painted in metallic yellow. The front looks like an ordinary Austin Mini but the rear seats and roof top have been chopped off. Down there, it was …

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Custom car seat covers

Custom car seat covers helps to protect the original car seat from damage and spoilt. It is also one of the good ways to customize your own car and make it look special. When you need to sell off the car, you just have to remove the car seat covers and the original car seat will still look brand new. This will make the car tends to have higher resell value because everything is well kept. Here are the few tips for you if you do not know how to …

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View custom wheels on my car

Can I view custom wheels on my car? Thought of buying a set of custom wheels but don’t know how it look like on your car? Here we lead to view it virtually. There are many programs, games, and software available in the internet allows you to customize your own car, design your own custom car and customize a car with body color, wheels, tinted, accessories and among others. It gives you a virtual look of how your car will be after putting your desire wheels. The preview of the …

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List of custom wheels manufacturers

Here is the most complete list of custom wheels manufacturers and brand from A to Z. Nice wheels just make any carslook nice.

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Infant car seat covers

Here is plenty of nice toddler and infant car seat covers with over thousand of patterns available and 5 tips on how to purchase these car seat covers cheaply. So, how to really choose the best seat covers for your children? Make it as simple as it could be. It mainly depends on the design, pattern, quality, waterproof, removable, and off course the price. There is a lot of seat cover pattern available in the market today from lovely pinky style to tropical Hawaiian style and mostly able to fit …