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Top 10 Car Rental Companies

In the car rental market, there are too many car rental companies can be found from A to Z. Some provide really good services while some provide bad cars with expensive charges especially to tourist. In our life often we fall in the situation where we need car rental. Either we rent a car during our holiday, wedding ceremony, temporary job relocation, or as a replacement when own car is under repair. Therefore, it is advisable to rent a car from car rental companies with good reputation to avoid such …

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Cars with good gas mileage

Here are some of the most scrumptious tips for choosing cars with good gas mileage according to its category. You don’t need a large MPV or SUV with good gas mileage for your kids to travel to school from home. Choose what is best that fit the needs.

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Family Car Decals

There are ways to get free family car decals. We give away free family car decals, family stickers for car, and family of characters car decals as long as you submit an article related to cars to us at Malaysiaminilover.com. Alternatively, you can buy these car decals at real cheap price. You can even customize your own car by making your own family car stickers.

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Lowest price best mileage car in America

This is a MUST place to drop by if you are finding the lowest price best mileage car in America. Although gasoline price is keep on raising (see also gasoline price history), there are still many cars in America give good mileage. Surprisingly, some of these cars are cheap to buy, inexpensive to maintain, and economy to drive. Check out the top 5 lowest price car with best mileage.

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Unfinished kit cars for sale

As a smart consumer, you should look for unfinished kit cars for sale. It could save lots of money and time to complete the car. Most of the unfinished kit cars are usually half way, owner give up, owner running out of cash, owner lost the interest to completely build up the car, or some other reasons. No matter what the reason is, a man’s offer is always another man’s extravagance. Hence, check out some of the unfinished kit cars and who knows there might be one that spark your …

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Best rated car tires

Find the best rated car tires and tire prices here from consumers who are really using these car tires. Read the ratings, reviews, and experiences shared by car enthusiasts who use the tire before. Changing a new set of car tires will cost you at least few hundred dollars and if the tire is not suitable, it will cost you extra money to change another sets.