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These Minis are green, but they are green in style

Want to put a new color to your car but don’t know what color to paint? If you love green but get bored with the ordinary British Racing Green, here we have got some really special Minis with different kind of green colors. The first one is nothing but Neil Turner’s Mini painted in Ford Ultimate green. The car is fitted with a set of 13-inch wheels painted in black. Roof and both bumpers are made to look like carbon fiber. Twin tank at the back with Aston style fuel …

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Today is the day to see Back To The Future car!

Today is not the day to see Back To The Future car! Remember the 1985 Back To The Future? There is one part where Dr. Emmett Brown set the time machine (DeLorean DMC-12) to a future date. Guess what, the date is today’s date! Marty McFly flies to June 27, 2012 from October 26, 1985 27 years ago! Is this photo just another photo chopping? Yes it is! Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown only flew once to the future and that was October 21, 2015. They landed at Hill Valley. Biff …

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This is how you bring a car into your room

Don’t you think only people who crazy about cars will keep their cars in their living room? The MG Midget in the photos is obviously well pampered by its owner. It has a special room and the owner put it inside the house. The car will definitely clean because it stays away from any dust and the room probably equipped with air-conditioning. In order to bring the car into the room, there is a huge price to pay. The room is located at second floor in a building that doesn’t …

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Ten craziest modified exotic cars

All of us know that exotic cars aren’t cheap to own one. Some people prefer to collect them in their living room but some will spend thousands of dollars to modify them. Some people love them too much and not willing to step hard on the gas pedal but some will rape their exotics. Whatever your preference is, let’s check out these top ten craziest modified exotic cars of all time, make sure your eye don’t pop out!

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Best small SUV with highest mileage

As driving increases, gas prices usually rise during the vacation season. The rising of fuel costs could kill someone who owns bad mileage cars. While you can’t control the gas prices why not think twice before buying your dream car? It is not necessary to sacrifice the hobby to own an SUV with the advance technology today. Old days in the market we had only SUVs with bad fuel economy but nowadays it is different. There are many small SUVs are giving good mileage with lots of fun. If you …

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Ten girly car accessories for sexy girls

Modify a car heavily is the nature of many guys but not girls. Girls prefer to customize their cars so that it looks feminine. Stainless steel muffler, exhaust extractor, over-size piston, customized radiator or high performance engine parts are not really necessary for girls. What girls usually prefer is a Barbie car that could make them feel comfortable while driving. Check out these top ten girly car accessories that special made for sexy girls.
Lace car seat cover – it is a must for cute girls who want to decorate their …