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Taiwan Mini Day 2012
25th and 26th of August was a very beautiful weekend in Taiwan because it was Taiwan Mini Day. Every year, the Mini club in Taiwan will organize big gathering like this once or twice a year. There were hundreds of classic Mini and BMW MINI gather together at Nang Gang Taipei. It was really two great days for Mini owners in Taipei to show off their cars. Taiwanese who do not own a Mini also stand a chance to join this wonderful day and get the opportunity to view the legendary car that has live half a century on earth.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Visitors always get vowed when they see all the beauties – beautiful Minis and beautiful Taiwanese girls who love Mini. Other than local Taiwanese, there were also some foreigners attracted to the vent and fly thousand miles just to join the crowd. How enthusiasts they are! We can see they are from different countries including UK, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and others. Some of the photos shared here are taken from our Mini friend in Japan, Nishio Tadayuki, executive director at ALEC Classic MINI Japan. A thousand thanks to Mr. Tadayuki.

As you can see from the photos, there are a few MK1 Mini line up in the event up till MK7. Mini Moke, Mini Wagon, and Mini Traveler also appeared at the show to make it more colorful. We also spotted a white color Mini 40 which looks like a brand new car in the show. Except cars, there is nothing else more attractive than hot girls. We saw a sexy Taiwanese model sit in front of a grey Mini Moke, how lucky the Moke is!

Besides, there are also a few customized car appeared at the show. A very special chopped Mini has been turned into a coffee maker and someone actually selling coffees, foods, and drinks there. From A to Z, it was really a fun day for Mini enthusiasts, family, and car lovers who attended the event. We should have more of these events everywhere around the world as long as there are Mini cars. Taipei is a beautiful city, it has left us nothing but sweet memories.

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