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Top 10 Best Compact Cars

Here are the top 10 best compact cars of all time. “Best” in terms of best to drive, best to buy, best rated, safest, and best value for money. Most of the compact cars available in the market are priced under $20,000. Anyone with this budget can certainly get a nice car without any doubt. See also five best compact car models.

Cars, Thailand »

Best selling cars in Thailand

Here is the top 10 best selling cars in Thailand for the year of 2010 with the number of cars sold in Thailand. Every country has its own culture, its road condition, the market needs, and how one car model is advertised in the country. With many reasons, the best selling cars in one country could be different from another. Check out the best selling cars in Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia never colonized by any European power. Thailand, the land of smile.

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Cars under 20000 with the best gas mileage

Here is the list of cars under $20000 with the best gas mileage, the mpg these cars achieved, and the MSRP selling price. Surprisingly, some of these cars give very good gas mileage even though it is not running on hybrid system. Whether you want to buy mid-size cars, trucks, sports cars, compact cars, or large sedans, you can pick one model that best suitable for your needs here.

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6 cylinder car with best gas mileage

What is the 6 cylinder car with best gas mileage? What are the 6-cylinder cars that have good gas mileage? Don’t worry that your pocket will burn a big hole for gas if you have fall in love with 6-cylinder cars. There are many 6-cylinder cars perform very well with the latest technology and these cars give very low fuel consumption. You will sure enjoy driving these cars because 6-cylinder cars are smooth, quiet, and most important, you don’t feel like the car is moving.

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What car gets the best gas mileage?

What car gets the best gas mileage in the world? What SUV gets the best gas mileage? What are the best small compact cars? What trucks get the best gas mileage? Whenever these questions come into your mind, you will first have to ask yourself what kind of cars is best suitable for your situation. Which category? Small car? Coupe? Compact Sedan? Mid-size car? Convertible? SUVs? or trucks?

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Best time to buy a used car

The best time to buy a used car or any new cars is when you buy a good condition car you want at the best price, best in terms of cheapest! So, when is the best time of a year? There are many sayings about what is the best from different opinion all around the world. Here we tell you top three best timing to buy used cars from car dealers or from private seller who sell their car privately based on the poll result we get from our readers.