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Best selling cars in Thailand


Here is the top 10 best selling cars in Thailand for the year of 2010 with the number of cars sold in Thailand. Every country has its own culture, its road condition, the market needs, and how one car model is advertised in the country. With many reasons, the best selling cars in one country could be different from another. Check out the best selling cars in Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia never colonized by any European power. Thailand, the land of smile.

Honda Civic
Please note that the figures here may have a degree of inaccuracy although the numbers are given by manufacturers.

#1 Toyota Hilux

“Rao ma jib kan mai? Jib Jib…” (What about we drive together?) If you ever watched the Toyota Hilux commercial in Thailand, it is one of the most famous car commercials in Thailand. Off course, it is not the only reason that makes the Hilux no 1 best selling cars in the country with 144,910 sales. It is the reliability of the car that makes Thai people love it so much.

#2 Isuzu D-Max

Thai people love pick-ups due to the road condition and their needs, and that’s the reason Isuzu D-Max ranked no 2 with 133,766 sales. Together with Toyota Hilux, both pick-ups have taken nearly 35% of the total Thai car market.

#3 Toyota Vios

Every country must have a subcompact car that love by the people. In Thailand, Toyota Vios is what people choose. In 2010, 67,000 Toyota Vios were sold across the country.

#4 Honda City

Toyota Vios’s biggest competitor in Thailand, Honda City is ranked no 4 with 48,853 sales in Thailand.

#5 Toyota Corolla Altis

If you ever travelled to Thailand, you will see the Corolla Altis almost everywhere especially in Bangkok itself. Toyota Corolla Altis is the official taxi car in Thailand. It makes no surprise that it has 38,000 sales in 2010.

#6 Honda Civic

Honda, The Power of Dreams. Futuristic design, reliable engine, extremely good handling, super low fuel consumption, and low maintenance are what make the Civic loved by the Thais. With 28,978 sales in 2010, you can at least see a Honda Civic on the road every single day.

#7 Nissan Frontier

As mentioned above, Thai people love truck. Gasoline price in the country is considered high for average people. That’s also a reason why many of them go for Nissan Frontier Deisel. Make the sales hit 23,844.

#8 Mazda 2

With a famous celebrity as the presenter, the Mazda 2 has achieved 22,537 sales.

#9 Mitsubishi Triton

Again, another truck in the top 10 list. The selling price is what makes Mitsubishi Triton hit 20,344 sales in 2010.

#10 Nissan March

Although the car is small, it has a huge market in Thailand. Many people love to own a car, a car that is affordable, easy to maintain, low monthly payment, cheap car insurance, and most important, cheap to buy. The Nissan March has all these criteria and therefore the sales hit 18,367 and estimate it will keep growing in 2011. Make it in the top 10 list.


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