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GM shuts down Saturn

Will GM shuts down Saturn by October 2010? (Updated Nov 2011, Yes it has been shut down) GM is expected to shut down Saturn after the withdrawal of a bid by Penske Automobile to acquire Saturn in September 2009. The shut down will bring the end of a great car brand that built a lot of small compact cars and sold in U.S. popularly.

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Ford Flex Crossover

Ford Flex Crossover unveiled at 2005 according to Ford Motor Company timeline and the sales of the car began in 2008 as 2009 model year. The brand new styling Flex Crossover is different from Ford Western Hauler, some SUV features have derived to the Flex and currently it is only sold in US, Canada and some place in the Middle East.


What does BMW stand for?

BMW is a very successful brand in cars and automobile industry, but what does BMW stand for? The real definition of what exactly BMW stands for are Bavarian Motor Works or Bayerische Motoren Werke in German (being a German Company), or roughly translated, Bavarian Motor Factory.