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1960 Austin Seven 850 MK1 is expected to fetch £30,000 at auction

This super-duper brand new looking 1960 Austin Seven 850 MK1 isn’t recently restored. It has been preserved after the car covered 2,618 miles from new. Yes, it is 2,618 on the odometer, you did not read our article by mistake and we did not type it wrong too. Many 1960 Austin Sevens running on the road today (if they are still running) probably has clocked two rounds on the odometer. It is definitely a rare barn find and Mini enthusiasts don’t need a time machine to go back to 1960 …

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World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle fetches £85,000

World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle sold at Bonhams auction in UK on April 29th for £85,000, that’s about $137,700. It is no surprise that motor cars or motorcycles sold through the largest auction house always fetch an astonishing price tag. All vehicles went into the auction house either had a great history or once owned by a great man before, such as the rusty Mini sold for £40,250 last week and the eBay auction for Neil Armstrong’s Corvette Sting Ray that end with a final sky-high price of $250,090.
So, …

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Rusty Mini sold at auction for £40,250

The fourth oldest surviving unrestored Mini is sold today at The Royal Airforce Museum in London. The rusty Mini fetches £40,250 which is two times more than expected. Previously, it is expected to fetch £15,000 and many opinions said that it is ridiculous. Now, the sealed price is even preposterous at forty thousand sterling pounds; that is $65,382 USD. The rusty oldest surviving Mini has definitely set a new record for “Most expensive rusty junk Mini ever” and there won’t be the second one.
According to the news from England, the …