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Rusty Mini sold at auction for £40,250


1959 Austin Mini Se7en Deluxe Saloon sold

The fourth oldest surviving unrestored Mini is sold today at The Royal Airforce Museum in London. The rusty Mini fetches £40,250 which is two times more than expected. Previously, it is expected to fetch £15,000 and many opinions said that it is ridiculous. Now, the sealed price is even preposterous at forty thousand sterling pounds; that is $65,382 USD. The rusty oldest surviving Mini has definitely set a new record for “Most expensive rusty junk Mini ever” and there won’t be the second one.

According to the news from England, the unrestored Mini was bought by a private buyer from America. There are tons of rusty Minis out there which the condition could have been better than the Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe Saloon (XLL 27). But what could possibly make this one so special? It is the story behind the car and the title of the car. Oldest, unrestored, untouched, and 30 thousand miles on the clock meter are what make it one of a kind. XLL 27 is the eighth car of its type to roll off the production line in 1959. Besides, the Mini also considered “Superman” of the 1956 Suez Crisis who has saved many people from the fuel crisis.

The Austin Mini Se7en De Luxe is in non-running “barn find” condition. It is rusty, the piston probably is jammed, the brake isn’t working, and some of the wires are broken. However, the 30,041 miles on the clock are correct according to Bonhams. Sometimes, if a car is owned by famous people before, the value will boost up too, just like the 1950 Chieftain Silver Streak used by guitarist Richards before.

On April 30, there are two big things happen in the UK, one being the big football match between Manchester City and Manchester United, another being the fourth oldest Mini was sold in an auction of classic cars at the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Now the questions that float in our mind is what the new owner going to do with this Mini? Will he continue to keep this car in “barn find” condition or he will restore it to its former glory? Whatever it is, the truth is that XLL 27 fetched £40,250, nearly 100 times of its original price in 1959.


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