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A glance at the original 100-year-old 1912 Buick Model 35

The 1912 Buick Model 35 is a unique car that you don’t see that often on the road, or you may not even stand a chance to see it. This 100-year-old antique car does not have any huge horsepower like what today’s supercars have and it is unable to reach 60 mph in less than four seconds. Indeed, this Brass Era car is extremely slow and seeps for sometimes but it is definitely one of a kind.

With the open roof design, the driving experience will be greatly enhanced. The car …

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Collector Car Values

Collector car values often are the hardest to estimate in the automobile market today although there are many reliable car value guides like NADA or Kelly Blue Book. Most of the guides can only tell the standard or rough car values base on the year, make, and model. The condition of the car, the number of production, and the originality of the car are three other things need to put into consideration when one search for collector cars.

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Old Ford Cars

See the list of classics, antiques, and some really really old Ford cars before 1940s here if you are looking for old Ford cars for sale. As the oldest American car marquee, there are many Ford cars were built before and after World War, some of these cars were built in very special shape for World War while some are built for the people as transport during the 20s like the Ford Model T.

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Antique Pedal Car For Sale

Antique pedal car for sale! This is a 1967 Austin J40 antique pedal car. This is one very rare pedal car in the market made in 1967. This car is painted with correct tartan red and correct tan/beige trim. It has been fully restored to a very high standard number of years ago and still in superb unmarked condition. The car is in full working order including lights and horn.

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List of Classic Cars

Previously we compile the list of car names from around the world and now here is your luscious list of classic cars ever since the first car invented by Karl Benz in 1886. The list here covers all the classic cars from A to Z, from Austin to Ford to Rolls-Royce. You can find some of the cars in the ‘30s and you can also find some of the amazing cars in the late ‘90s. Classic car lovers, DO NOT MISS THIS!

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Antique 1952 Jeep Toy Car

It is hard to own the antique 1952 Jeep cars but you stand a chance to own the antique 1952 Jeep toy car. Well, it happens only once in a blue moon when there are these toy car for sales. However, it doesn’t mean toy cars enthusiasts couldn’t stand a chance to own the antique 1952 Jeep. Whether you are a Bantam BRC 40, 1952 Jeep CJ-3A, or Jeep Willys lover, you can still buy these toy cars.