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A glance at the original 100-year-old 1912 Buick Model 35


1912 Buick Model 35

The 1912 Buick Model 35 is a unique car that you don’t see that often on the road, or you may not even stand a chance to see it. This 100-year-old antique car does not have any huge horsepower like what today’s supercars have and it is unable to reach 60 mph in less than four seconds. Indeed, this Brass Era car is extremely slow and seeps for sometimes but it is definitely one of a kind.

1912 Buick model 35

With the open roof design, the driving experience will be greatly enhanced. The car fits five comfortably. Drivers and passengers tend to enjoy the scene while traveling, guess what, because the car can’t go fast.

It doesn’t have any metallic or pearl paint on the body but it is finished in a rich-looking maroon shade. Radiator shell, headlamps, and windshield frame are brass-plated. Wheels are made of varnished wood and the dashboard had a very upscale persona.

restored Buick Model 35
A restored 1912 Buick Model 35


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