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Antique 1952 Jeep Toy Car


It is hard to own the antique 1952 Jeep cars but you stand a chance to own the antique 1952 Jeep toy car. Well, it happens only once in a blue moon when there are these toy car for sales. However, it doesn’t mean toy cars enthusiasts couldn’t stand a chance to own the antique 1952 Jeep. Whether you are a Bantam BRC 40, 1952 Jeep CJ-3A, or Jeep Willys lover, you can still buy these toy cars.

The 1952 Jeep 3A is one of the most common collectible antique cars in the market, so does in the toy car market. This is because it was used in the World War and it is also known as Army Keep. These toy cars are made of cast aluminum and 99 among 100 of it is made in green color.

The 1952 antique Jeep toy car is truly for Jeep lover. You should really buy it as collection if you own the actual car. Place it at your dashboard will be something cool and unique. Moreover, the price for this piece of antique are mostly inexpensive to own one but just have to spend some effort to look for it. See also: 1957 Chevy pedal car toy, Antique toy pedal cars, How to build a toy car.

Here is an antique 1952 Jeep toy car for sale. It  is 3 ½” long and it has hard rubber tires fitted on it. The car body is made of aluminum and very light to play. Well, the paint is original and it is not like new, it’s been years. You can paint a new color on it but it is not recommended to do so because an antique is always an antique. The location of this Jeep toy car is in the United States and can be posted free within the country. Act fast now if you really want to collect this unique piece, price is negotiable.
Antique Jeep toy car


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