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Top 10 Drift Cars

Whether you are a drifter, a drifter-wanna be, or a new comer who wants to get a drift car and learn to drift, the list of top 10 drift cars here are for you. Some of the cars here are used by world’s best drifter and have won a number of victories and championships. However, a good drift car to a drifter may not be good for you, you will have to check out the top 10 here and find one car that fall into your grips best, and then …

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First Drift Car

What is the best first drift car should be? What is the most reliable first drift car for driver who just going to be a drifter? What are the best rear-wheel drive cars that can go side way easily for new learner? Drift cars are just like normal car, but it has few things that make it different from other sports cars or general cars. It able to go side ways rather than just straight way!