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Top 10 Drift Cars


Whether you are a drifter, a drifter-wanna be, or a new comer who wants to get a drift car and learn to drift, the list of top 10 drift cars here are for you. Some of the cars here are used by world’s best drifter and have won a number of victories and championships. However, a good drift car to a drifter may not be good for you, you will have to check out the top 10 here and find one car that fall into your grips best, and then it could destroy your spirit anytime when you drift!

1. Nissan 180sx/Nissan 200sx/Nissan 240sx

Nissan 180sx
Whether is Nissan 180SX, Nissan 200SX, or Nissan 240SX, it is, and always is, one of the best drift cars on planet. With S13 chassis, 178 x 66 x 51 in is just perfect to make the car goes side way. For power plant, a CA18DET is pretty enough for people who just started to learn drift. Otherwise, drifter can choose SR20DET engine for better power in the car. One very notable Nissan RPS13 180SX is Yoshinori Koguchi’s 180SX where we always see it in D1GP Japan.

2. Mazda RX-7 FD3S

Mazda RX-7 FD3S
Powerful yet slide-able easily, that’s the Mazda RX-7 FD3S. You will never know what real power is until you ride on the RX-7. If you are big fans of Formula D, you must have seen Youichi Umamura and Ryuji Miki’s Mazda RX-7 in action!

3. Nissan Skyline GTR

Nissan Skyline GTR
Well, if you are a hard-core fan of the movie “Fast and Furious”, you may notice that most of the recent episodes have Nissan Skyline GTR as one of the most eye-catching fast and furious cars. It is mostly driven by Brian. Why? It is because it is cool, it is powerful, and it is definitely a good ride. Be it the Skyline GTR34 or GTR35, it is one of the coolest ever drift cars. Among the famous GTR is Ken Nomura’s Nissan Skyline ER34.

4. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang
The Mustang has been one of the most famous muscle cars since its first debute in 1964. The FR layout of this car with the powerful V-8 muscle engine has made it born-to-be drift car. One of the most remarkable Ford Mustang is Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s 2005 Ford Mustang GT which appeared in many D1GP USA drift competition and Formula D.

5. Nissan 350Z Fairlady

Nissan 350Z Fairlady
For some people, the shape may look like an egg or half of an egg. However, that’s the round shape and short wheel base that make this car easy to drift. Added with 3.5L V6 engine that gives around 300 hp, the bad guy in the film “Fast and the furious –TokyoDrift” also prefer to use this car as his drift machine.

6. Toyota AE86

Toyota AE86
The legendary Toyota A86 must be in the top 10 list. Why we say so because the AE86 almost made everyone crazy to drift. It has never lost in the cartoon Initial-D. It did not have many major wins in major drift competition but it just so popular in the drift world although it is not a pro drift machine or an exclusive drift car. Keiichi Tsuchiya’s Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno is one of the most notable and most iconic AE86 that inspire many people to get themselves involve in drifting. Other than Tsuchiya’s AE86, Katsuhiro Ueo’s AE86 Trueno and Testsuya Hibino’s AE86 are also notable AE86.

7. Nissan Silvia S15

Nissan Silvia S15
Remember the movie “Tokyo Drift”? The first part where the kid borrow han’s car and try to race with the bad guy’s Nissan 350Z? That’s Nissan Silvia S15. You can definitely know it is one of the best drift cars by looking at its achievements. AP Boss/Kei Office’s Nissan Silvia S15 has won more than 10 times in many major drift competitions including D1GP Japan.

8. Subaru Impreza

Subaru Impreza
The Subaru Imprezza is not only does good in rally racing but also drifting. Nobushige Kumakubo and Hideo Hiraoka’s Subaru Impreza is the best proof.

9. Toyota Supra JZA80

It is many people’s dream drift cars although the production has stopped in 2002. This rear-wheel drive machine fitted with 2JZ-GE or 2JZ-GTE engine together with 5-speed or 6-speed manual gearbox make the car drift nicely.

10. Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro
Without have to say more words, the Chevrolet Camaro is a well-known car. The Chevrolet Camaro is a small, vicious animal that eats most of the drift cars. Make it in the top 10 drift cars list.


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