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Money for car maintenance – Do you reserve it?

Imagine that an early morning you walk to your car park and start the car. You try to crank the car several times but it just doesn’t start. You make a call to the nearest mechanic and he comes over for $100 service charge. After half an hour checking, the mechanic tells you that the car must be towed to his workshop for further checking. You were told that he suspect some major parts is giving problems and that may cost at least $5000 to fix it. OMG! what are …

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Simple ways to take care of your tire

Except car engine, tires are the second parts in the car that works very hard during the run. However, most of the people always assume that they are the parts that require least or nearly no maintenance needed. This is definitely a bad thinking. If every tire is well-maintained, it could last longer than you can imagine. This includes the spare tire at the boot that most of the people even forget that they actually have five wheels in the car. These are the simple ways to take care of …

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What to prepare for long car trip?

What to prepare for long car trip? Long holiday, festivals, or school holiday are coming. It is essential to ensure your car is in perfect condition if you are planning to go for long car trip. Whether the journey is from East to West or North to South, as long as you are planning to drive the car for more than two hours or more than 100 miles, there are some preparations works need to be done in order to reach home or destination safe.

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Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices are various in America from the cheapest few ten dollars could up to few thousand dollars. Car detailing price usually depends on the quality of the product used, the size of the car, and how clean the car is after washed. Car detailing works usually performed after car wash to make the car look new and maintain the car well. Some car detailing job may expensive but it is a must to do once a while to make the car look as good as new car all …

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How to touch up car paint

Want to know how to touch up car scratches? Here we show you steps by steps on how to touch up car paint if your car has some scratches, rust, or corrosion. No matter what kind of cars you are having, a little rust could expand and end up the car will become a rusty car if you do not take good care of it.

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Basic car maintenance schedule

Here you can find basic car maintenance schedule for all Honda cars including Honda Accord, Honda Civic, Honda City, Honda Jazz, and Honda CR-V. Car maintenance schedule always overlook by most of the car owners. It is something very important to keep any cars run well in good condition. It is also a schedule to prevent any faulty happen to mechanism in a car for better and safer driving.