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What to prepare for long car trip?


What to prepare for long car trip? Long holiday, festivals, or school holiday are coming. It is essential to ensure your car is in perfect condition if you are planning to go for long car trip. Whether the journey is from East to West or North to South, as long as you are planning to drive the car for more than two hours or more than 100 miles, there are some preparations works need to be done in order to reach home or destination safe.

Here are some of the tips from Malaysiaminilover. You don’t need things from A to Z but at least there are 10 things need to be checked and prepare.

1. Car maintenance. When was the last time the car has been serviced? Change your car engine oil and gearbox oil if it is due soon. Check some other things if it is needed to be replaced. For example, air filter, coolant, radiator water, wiper fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid (for manual transmission car only), and among others. Check also if the wiper is working in good condition or need a replacement. Wiper are generally made of rubber and it need to be replaced after some time when it couldn’t wipe away rain water or snow. Check out car maintenance schedule and basic car maintenance schedule for more details.

2. Check you car tire. Check the tire condition, thread wear, cuts in sidewall, or any uneven. Get it fixed if there is any. Don’t forget to check also the tire pressure, correct tire pressure will help you save gas and reduce the changes of tire damage. Remember there are 5 tires to check including the spare one at the back.

3. Get a GPS. Install a GPS in your car if you are traveling to places that you are not familiar. GPS helps you to get better direction and guide you to the destination in the best way. See also: What is the best GPS system for cars? Alternatively, you can download iPhone app store car trip if you are using iPhone.

4. Some essential tools and stuffs. Never travel long journey without any tools. Equip your car with a set of tire changing tools, jump start cable (See how to jump start a car), water, battery water (if your car battery is not maintenance-free), and torch light. Water is good for driver or to top up to the radiator incase the water level is not enough due to heavy traffic jam. Torch light is useful to ask for help or redirect traffic when your mate is changing flat tire. Bring along the car owner’s manual too. For some cars, jump starting requires connection from good battery positive terminal to weak battery positive terminal and good battery negative terminal to car body (ground) rather than weak battery negative terminal. Read carefully before you jump start your car.


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