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Buy a New Car

Follow some of the useful guides and tips here if you want to buy a new car. Learn how to be the person in charge in the deal to buy a new car you want at an excellent price. Buying a new car is not as simple as you can imagine, many first time car buyer end up paying lot extra then what they expect. Registration fee, handling fee, car insurances, car loan interest rates, dealer’s tricks, and actual market value of the car is what you need to know.

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Leasing Versus Buying A Car

Leasing a car or buying a car is better? Lease or buy? Buy or lease? Leasing versus buying a car, conclude which one is better for your situation based on the pros and cons for both leasing and buying a car here. Find the best solution for yourself while not listening to all the opinions about car leasing that may not even related to your current condition. Always keep in mind that you know best about yourself while not others.

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Buy Police Impounded Cars

Buy police impounded cars or purchase impounded cars from any police impounded auctions can be extremely cheap if compare the price with market price. This “extremely cheap” could up to 90% off market value when there are a lot of impounded cars for sale and fewer bidders in the auctions.

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Ten Safest Mid-Size Cars

Here are the review for 2011 top ten safest mid-size cars. These cars are ranked according to the car’s safety features and everything you can find in the car for safety purposes. We did not rank the car based on the selling price. Mid-size cars will not be so expensive because it is just “Mid-Size”. However, these mid-size cars are available in 2011 and will also be good to use in 2012 or even 2013.

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Memorial Day Car Sales

Memorial Day car sales is the best time to buy a new car and also used cars. This is because it usually held when car sales begin to slow down, when buying is slow down, during end of month or year end to meet sales target. In 2010, many car buyers purchase new car during car sales for great discounts. What about 2011 or 2012?

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2009 new car tax credit

You need to know how the new car tax credit works in order to get it. Once you have known how the it works, you can follow some of the steps here to receive the tax credit. It helps you to save some money if you purchase a car under $49,500 and your family gross income is less than $135,000. However, it helps nothing if you purchase luxury cars or exotic cars.