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Memorial Day Car Sales


Memorial Day car sales is the best time to buy a new car and also used cars. This is because it usually held when car sales begin to slow down, when buying is slow down, during end of month or year end to meet sales target. In 2010, many car buyers purchase new car during car sales for great discounts. What about 2011 or 2012?

There are many advantages if you purchase your car during Memorial Day sales events. Off course, many potential new car buyers hold their buying until the sales events is because they want to get a huge savings. All you need to do is “wait” if you can. Cheap deals is what most of the people want in this world.

2010 Memorial Day car sales

In April 2010, SAAR drop slightly from April’s 11.2 million. It has also given a great opportunity for all the car brands to jump starts their sales in the form of deep incentives. Indeed, it is a win/win situation for both car manufacturers as well as car buyers. This is because car manufacturers get their sales increasing and car buyers stand a chance to buy new car at cheaper price or with big savings.

2011 Memorial Day car sales

We do not know when will be the 2011 Memorial Day weekend sales, but it is not unusual for car manufacturers to launch holiday weekend deals, month end sales, or mid-year sales at the eleventh hour. It is usually around April, May, June, or it will have another time around November or December. Many car shoppers who wait for the car sales always end up don’t pay less for their cars, this is because they do not catch the right time and buy the right car. It is advisable to check on some famous car brands such as GM, Toyota, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, or Audi whenever there is car sales.

In conclusion, what you need to do is calculate your budget properly, knowing what is the best car suitable for you, and be prepared to wait for the next Memorial Day car sales.


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