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Used cars to avoid


Here are the top 10 used cars to avoid. Avoid and do not fall in love with used cars that is unreliable to use, high fuel consumption, and high maintenance. You can buy one of these cars in a real cheap price but you may end up spend more on gas, maintenance, and pay a lot for labor. Therefore, choose properly before you made your decision to buy any new or used cars.

What kind of car is the best for you will have to consider from few factors like budget or how you going to use it. It is either a family car or just to drive it to work or school. You must rebel and get the most beautiful car that falls into your grasp. Here is the list of top 10 used cars to avoid.

Used cars without service history

A car with good service history or service record from dealer is always a good proof of the condition of the car. A car that without service history has no guarantee that the previous owner has taking a good car of the car no matter how good the car is.

Avoid cars with salvage title

There are many salvage title cars for sale, but that is only suitable for people who have a little bit of knowledge about cars, not for dummies. If you are someone totally new to used cars, avoid salvage cars. Do not save a penny but end up have to spend more on maintenance fee.

Illegal cars

There are many foreign cars that imported to the country by personal importer. These cars may not meet emission and safety standards and should be avoid.

Street racer’s car

Never ever buy a street racer’s car. It can be easily seen from the car. Usually street racer’s car will have some crazy stickers, roll cage, or modified mufflers. Some teenagers just modified the car that their parents bought for them and drive reckless.

Cars with modified engine

If the old engine has been totally replaced by a brand new engine, you will need to find out the reason behind. It will be better to ask a mechanic to check on the car and also the modification. See also: What to check when buying used cars, Buying a used car checklist, Car buying secrets, Car buying strategies, Tips on purchasing a car.

Used police cars or cab

Police cars, cab, fleet cars, or some cars that you know it has been heavily used and been driven for long hours over thousands of miles. It is not worth to take the risk to buy these cars although the price may be very attractive.

Avoid used commercial cars

Commercial cars, trucks, minibus that have been driven a lot everyday need to be avoid. This is because these cars are usually driven by people who do not own them and they will not care the car.

Cars that the production has stopped

Unless you are someone able to source the car spare parts everywhere from the world, else avoid used cars that the production has been completely stopped except for cars that there are still a lot of parts available. For example, the Mini that first introduced in 1959.

Mismatched body color

Any good condition used cars will never have mismatched body color. Avoid buying any used cars that has darker red on the door and lighter red on the body. This may be a car that went into a major car accident before and the owner just look for a door from junk yard to replace it.

Old cars with unbelievable low mileage

Old cars that with very low mileage could be the odometer has been turn one round or the odometer has been set back. This should be avoided.
Japan police car

Last but NOT LEAST, avoid buying any used cars that are UGLY modified by non-professional like this:

The stainless steel is suppose for home use, not for cars.


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