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Western Hauler Trucks

A lot of Western Hauler trucks pictures have been shared here. All these pictures show how great a Western Hauler is! These trucks are such as Ford Western Hauler, Ford Flex Crossover…etc The Hauler truck did not as cute as Compressed air car but as cool as Tricked out cars. Some of the car lover even makes the truck become pimped out cars.

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Western Hauler Truck Beds

There are several types of western hauler truck beds been manufactured to this type of car since the 60’s. The bed include RV truck beds, western style hauler beds, western truck beds, flatbeds, RV haulers, custom haulers beds, heavy-duty truck beds, hauler beds…etc Most of these beds are able to fix to Ford western hauler.

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Ford Western Hauler

Ford Western Hauler, ford truck, custom Haulers, Western Hauler multi purpose bed, western hauler trucks, Western Hauler truck beds, Hauler’s modification and pimped out Western Hauler is all here! Ford first introduces the Hauler during the ultra classic edge and it has won a lot of cars lovers’ heart even though it is not super exotic sports cars. There are some western hauler’s lover rebuild a lot of nice car and make it as project cars for sale, if you lucky you can get a good one with reasonable price at low mileage.