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Western Hauler Truck Beds


There are several types of western hauler truck beds been manufactured to this type of car since the 60’s. The bed include RV truck beds, western style hauler beds, western truck beds, flatbeds, RV haulers, custom haulers beds, heavy-duty truck beds, hauler beds…etc Most of these beds are able to fix to Ford western hauler.

Tips to make a nice Western Hauler multi purpose bed

western hauler truck beds

For the GM 3500 Trucks, some truck bed maker able to spray any color you prefer on bed liner, on top of bed rails. Nice mudflaps can be added, aluminum or stainless steel fenders, a complete trailer hookup, spare tire rack, a set of tool boxes, and headache rack with lights, installed, undercoated…etc Off course a nice paint to match the truck!

For the GM 4500 Trucks, headache rack can be added with lights, a complete set of tool boxes, stainless steel hardware side rails, make the cargo tie downs, top of bed sprayed with rhino liner aluminum or stainless steel fenders, undercoated, mudflaps and nice metallic paint to match the whole truck. This will definitely make the truck bed looks comfortable and nice!

For Ford F-350, F-450 & 550 Trucks, you can make it special to spray on bed liner, top of bed rails. mudflaps, aluminum fenders, complete trailer hookup, spare tire rack, tool boxes, headache rack with lights, installed, undercoated, painted to match truck.

Custom build truck beds

Some company custom build the truck body/bed by using highly skilled welder-fabricators. To make the job better, the truck bodies are sandblasted, prepped, primed, sealed and hand-sanded. To make the car able to attract more attention, Stainless steel hinges and shining surfaces is needed to add to the truck. This also helps to resist penetration of moisture.


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