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Drive to Thailand: In A Classic Mini Cooper

This is a story written by Koh from Penang Malaysia and submitted to MalaysiaMiniLover.com. It’s a 1,000km road-trip in a 1993 MK6 Classic Mini Cooper. The full story goes here:

As a Mini lover, I’ve been driving a classic Mini for at least 18 years and also the BMW Mini Cooper for 10 years. Couple years ago, I drove a 2005 Mini Cooper to Thailand and clocked a few thousand miles during that trip. You may read the full story here if you are planning to drive to Thailand from Malaysia. This time, the journey …

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Honda Thailand scrapped 1055 cars to convince its customers

Severe flooding happened in Thailand last year October has causes 1055 Honda cars to completely become scrap metal. These are brand new cars and sitting in Honda Thailand factory waiting for its new customers. Unfortunately, the flood water comes before the new customers. These cars cannot be sold because all of them had been sunken in flood waters and covered by mud. Honda tried to take action to save these remaining cars before the flood water comes but time is inadequate, resulting 1055 cars have to be the victim of …

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Buy car with cash in Malaysia: Smart or Stupid?

We had an article “Buy car with cash: good or bad?” to compare how the money appear and disappear when a person buy a car with cash or with auto loan. That calculation is base on the car loan system in the United States. Here we have another calculation based on the car loan system in Malaysia and some other countries which have the similar system including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and among others.

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Best selling cars in Thailand

Here is the top 10 best selling cars in Thailand for the year of 2010 with the number of cars sold in Thailand. Every country has its own culture, its road condition, the market needs, and how one car model is advertised in the country. With many reasons, the best selling cars in one country could be different from another. Check out the best selling cars in Thailand, the only country in Southeast Asia never colonized by any European power. Thailand, the land of smile.

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MINI Cooper World Record – Long Live The King

Last 2 years, 444 Mini Coopers in Thailand created the spelling “Long Live the King” in tribute to His Majesty the King’s 80th Anniversary. Mini Thailand set a new record for the Guinness Book World Record on MINI Phenomenon 2007. This even celebrates His Majesty the King’s 80th Anniversary by creating a car mosaic of 444 MINI cars forming the world ‘LONG LIVE THE KING’. This represents from Thai people’s heart that what they wish for H.M. the King, Long Live forever.