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Car Detailing Prices

Car detailing prices are various in America from the cheapest few ten dollars could up to few thousand dollars. Car detailing price usually depends on the quality of the product used, the size of the car, and how clean the car is after washed. Car detailing works usually performed after car wash to make the car look new and maintain the car well. Some car detailing job may expensive but it is a must to do once a while to make the car look as good as new car all …

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Best iPhone Car Kit

Here we list out the top three best iPhone car kits with reviews, prices, and comments from people who are actually using them. Read the reviews and find the best iphone car kit that is best suitable for your need among all the iPhone car mounts, car mounting kit for iPhone, and iPhone car cradle. These three car kits for iPhone are available for sales in the market or can be purchased online easily.

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Best rated car tires

Find the best rated car tires and tire prices here from consumers who are really using these car tires. Read the ratings, reviews, and experiences shared by car enthusiasts who use the tire before. Changing a new set of car tires will cost you at least few hundred dollars and if the tire is not suitable, it will cost you extra money to change another sets.

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Sam’s club car battery prices

Have you ever heard of Sam’s Club car battery? Here is the list of the car battery prices from Sam’s club if you are wondering how much Sam’s club car battery prices are. Sam’s Club is a huge club that sells not only automobile parts and car tires but also baby products, books, computers, electronics, furniture, grocery, and many more. Although Sam’s is not a specialist in car batteries, it is an alternative choice other than Walmart car batteries (see also Walmart car battery prices) and car accessories shops around …

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Walmart car battery prices

Find the list of Walmart car battery prices here. If you purchase a car battery from Walmart, Walmart will have professional to install the battery for any cars for free, yes free! That means you will save a lot of work on car battery replacement. Walmart has more than 2,400 locations across the country and it is one of the trusted brands you can go if you want to change your car battery. Check out the price list here.

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Austin Mini Cooper

Here is the complete anthology and full collection of every single piece of detail information, history, and pictures for Austin Mini Cooper since 1959. This page will explain MAINLY the Mini Cooper from 1961 to 1969 together with the detail parts, model year, and how it looks like. This is to keep all mini cars lover confuse about the common Mini with the Mini Cooper. We provide Austin and Morris Mini Cooper as well as Austin and Morris Cooper S information in order to helps Mini lovers disambiguate the Cooper …