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Mini: Choosing the right petrol cap

It always make us in dilemma when there are so many types of aftermarket petrol cap for Mini. However, if you list down the choices you have, things will be easier. There are at least 10 different types of petrol cap for classic Mini. Here are some of the famous yet expensive petrol cap and some of the cheap-to-buy easy-to-fit petrol cap for classic Mini.

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Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia

Where to put RM1.77 per litre petrol in Malaysia? The idea is pretty much simple and easy, you will just have to take out another card while you take out your credit card from your wallet. Do not look down on this RM0.03 saving per each litre, if you look at the gasoline price history you will know our petroleum is getting lesser and price definitely going up through the time. It is not any pranks to pull on a car, there is a real trick in life. The petrol …