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Lowest price best mileage car in America

This is a MUST place to drop by if you are finding the lowest price best mileage car in America. Although gasoline price is keep on raising (see also gasoline price history), there are still many cars in America give good mileage. Surprisingly, some of these cars are cheap to buy, inexpensive to maintain, and economy to drive. Check out the top 5 lowest price car with best mileage.

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Track fuel mileage

Here we shared the best technique to track fuel mileage on any kind of cars. All you need is a calculator to track mileage on your car base on the fuel you buy. You don’t need a PDA, pocket pc, or any kind of software in your home computer to track the mileage. This is because every car gives different fuel mileage even though same make and model year. It mainly depends on the way you drive the car.