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Spotted: The interior of new MINI F56 (2013)

We have got two pictures showing the interior of the new MINI F56 that is coming to us in 2013. The pictures show the iconic tachnometer and speedometer as well as some other panels including air-conditioning control, gear knob, GPS, and air-conditioning vent. From the pictures, it clearly shows the next generation Mini comes with an interior that is much more modern. Also, the air vents is not circular anymore.

The size of the speedometer looks the same but the design is more advance and looks like it has been packed …

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Nice, unique and special customized Mini interior

The interior of a Mini is started with just a simple speedometer with odometer in the center. It was then added with temperature gauge and oil pressure gauge at both sides. Minis from MK4 generation and above received three binnacle meters and cars exported to Japanese market are added with air-condition. It has become more and more complicated especially MK7 but the size of the car remained the same.
Mini is a small car just like a sparrow but it is complete with all its internal organs intact – small but …

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Another Show Winning Mini with A.J. Interior

This is a show winning Mini Cooper with A.J. Interior. The car stands above all other Minis attended to the show like a crane strutting among a flock of chickens. The owner of the car customize the outlook with a modified bodykit that looks like one of Rover’s finest and rarest Mini Cabriolet. Wheels are 13” x 7” deep dish Minilite to match with the wider arches.

The car is painted with British Racing Green, one of the most notable car paint on classic Mini. On top of the hood, there …

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Cool car interior accessories

Here is the list of cool car interior accessories from A to Z. These interior car accessories will definitely make your car look cool and comfortable to drive. You are having a car for several years and you feel the car interior already old, you do not have to sign up a new car loan to buy a new car. You can purchase some inexpensive car interior accessories to make your car look new and comfortable to drive again!

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Girl car accessories

Car accessories for girls almost can be seen everywhere with more and more girls fall in love with cars. Often, these accessories are in pink or soft color that attracts girl driver. Here in Malaysiaminilover, Angelina is going to share some of her girl car accessories, idea to customize your car to make it more girly, and where to find these car accessories that can be easily fixed by girl. If you notice, car accessories shop has got additional accessories available in special colors like pink, red, yellow and most of …