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How to replace a blown fuse in your car

You are driving your car and suddenly something just stopped working. This could be one of the fuses in the car blow out. If you have a blown fuse, something will no longer work in the car and this could be power window, headlights, fog lamps, car stereo,  gauge lights, rear lights, parking lights, horn, signals, wiper, and among others. Do not panic and do not worry, fuse is something very cheap to replace and there are many ways to figure out which fuse is blown and it just take …

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2007 Honda Civic Fuse Diagram

Here you can find 2007 Honda Civic fuse diagram with details and pictures. The diagram is taken right away from the 2007 Honda Civic owner’s manual therefore it will be 100% accurate. It is very useful for all the Honda Civic owners to sort out which fuse is not working if something wrong with the car. For example, if the cigarette lighter is not working (without current), mostly is the fuse 29 burned and the car just need a fuse replacement. Sometimes, it just a cheap fuse burned and that …

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Honda Civic fuse diagram

Here you can find all kinds of Honda Civic fuse diagram, Honda Civic fuse box diagram, and Honda Civic Fuse panel diagram. The Honda Civic is compact cars manufactured by Honda and was first introduced in 1972 as 1973 model year. Until today it has total number of eight generations. Here you can find the fuse diagram for model year from 1991 onwards.

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Ford fuse panel diagrams

Here you can download free Ford fuse panel diagrams for most of the Ford cars. The Fuse panel diagrams mainly show 18 fuses that runs the basic functions of the car such as the lamps, wiper, air-conditioning, air bag, radio, horn, and among others. The diagram here is pretty easy to understand with cavity number. This is just the basic fuse panel diagrams for most of the Ford cars, you will have to find out the correct diagram according to the model year of your car.

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Ford fuse box diagrams

Here you can find free Ford fuse box diagrams in details for general Ford cars. The Fuse box diagrams here shows main 18 fuses with fuse rating, color, and circuit protected. Do not try to replace any fuse with wrong Amp, it may cause some of the function in the car not working. Check the diagram properly according to the model year of your car whether it is Ford Windstar, Ford F150, Ford F250, Ford Excursion, Ford Ranger, Ford E-350, Ford Bronco, and among others.