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A well-preserved 1991 Mini Mayfair up for sale

This is a well-preserved 1991 Mini Mayfair with 2999.6 miles displayed on the odometer. It is now up for sale grab! As you can see from the pictures, the car is in excellent condition inside out and everything remained original. The odometer shows only 2999.6 miles is believed to be genuine because of the condition of the car. Averagely, the car only travels 142 miles each year. That’s 19,858 miles lesser than an average mile driven per driver per year in the U.S. The 21 year-old Mayfair is either well …

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Unfinished kit cars for sale

As a smart consumer, you should look for unfinished kit cars for sale. It could save lots of money and time to complete the car. Most of the unfinished kit cars are usually half way, owner give up, owner running out of cash, owner lost the interest to completely build up the car, or some other reasons. No matter what the reason is, a man’s offer is always another man’s extravagance. Hence, check out some of the unfinished kit cars and who knows there might be one that spark your …

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Antique Pedal Car For Sale

Antique pedal car for sale! This is a 1967 Austin J40 antique pedal car. This is one very rare pedal car in the market made in 1967. This car is painted with correct tartan red and correct tan/beige trim. It has been fully restored to a very high standard number of years ago and still in superb unmarked condition. The car is in full working order including lights and horn.

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Seized Cars for Sale

Check out where you can find A-list of nice seized cars for sale here. You may be in dilemma whether or not these police seized cars are worth to buy. Here we tell you the reason why there are so many seized cars available for sales across the country almost every month. If you plan well and go through the right way to buy these cars, it will be a good car deal for anyone.

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Toyota Trueno AE86 For Sale

Cars for sale: The legendary Toyota Trueno AE86 for sale! Yes, it is the Initial D model. Panda color or can say it is a white AE86, manual transmission, exactly like the car in the movie or cartoon Initial D. If you are Toyota AE86 or Initial D fans, now is your chance to own this legendary car. No worries about AE86 parts or AE86 performance parts, it is available for sale almost everywhere especially in Japan. This AE86 is one of the best car to drift.

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Old Bumper Cars For Sale

If there are old bumper cars for sale, what will you do with it? Buy these old bumper cars, restored it, and collect it as antique cars in your garage just like how other keep their old Ford cars? Or you will buy it and convert it to street-legal bumper cars just like the very famous Tom Wright bumper cars in the United States? No matter what your purpose is, you should really check out some of these coolest ever old bumper cars.