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Mini photo of the day: Bad MINI driver

A MINI driver is believed lost control or overturned the steering wheel resulting the car hit the wall. The picture has proved two things:

MINI can break a tough wall
It is always safe to drive a MINI

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Exotic car accidents in Malaysia

While 2012 has just entered February, there are two exotic car accidents happened in Malaysia. The first one involved a black Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. From the pictures, we believe the driver lost control with the car and smashed the side of the road with high speed on Gutrie Highway, Subang. The car is believed rollover because the roof dented, windscreen is broken and all wheels fall off car. The car is also believed to have crashed with the guardrail causing the million dollar car looks like a piece of junk. …

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Moose Stuck In Car

How a moose stuck in car? This is definately not a prank to pull on a car. Lately there is a moose jumped into a car and stuck inside. The video, pictures, and detail story are available here! Rocky this 500 pounds moose has become a tourist attraction and waiting for human’s help. The body was stuck inside the car while the head and neck were out of the car from the main screen.