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Moose Stuck In Car


How a moose stuck in car? This is definately not a prank to pull on a car. Lately there is a moose jumped into a car and stuck inside. The video, pictures, and detail story are available here! Rocky this 500 pounds moose has become a tourist attraction and waiting for human’s help. The body was stuck inside the car while the head and neck were out of the car from the main screen.

The Video

The incident was happened around west of Boston. It was a great “hit and sit” in the town. The moose was trying to cross her path while the driver (Juleigh McDowell) was driving along Route 12. The moose was then ended up in the passenger’s seat. The rescue team had cut off the car roof to disentangle the moose. Luckily, McDowell was able to get out from the car by herself with minor injury.

moose stuck in car moose stuck in car

Moose stuck in car! It is really the most shocking news lately that an animal hit and sit in a car!

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