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The best and cheapest way to rent a car Sibiu is shared here! Detail information and guide are provided on how to rent a car in Sibiu in a cheap and reliable way. Some website does offer a cheaper rate if you make the reservation through online. The car rental Sibiu price is just from 15 Euro for a day. With different prices and different types of cars, a lot of offer is available such as Ford which available in Ford focus, ford western hauler… etc. Some exotic sports cars are also available such as Lamborghini Murciélago Roadster. Well, if you want to enjoy a great view and enjoy the air while driving in Sibiu town, you can get yourself a convertible car like a Ferrari 360 spider or a Mini Cooper convertible.

Sibiu is an important city in Transylvania, Romania with low population. Sibiu is also one of the main cities with cultural, ethnographical variety, and religious centers in Romania. The Cibin river and some other smaller streams runs through Sibiu, it makes Sibiu one of the most important transportation hubs in Romania with important roads and highway. Therefore, you will have so much fun to rent a car in Sibiu and tour around.


General car rental price in Sibiu

A list of car rental price in Sibiu to give you a standard guide.

Price for Quattro – Sibiu Rent a car

Car 1-4 days 5-8 days 9+ days Perioade mai lungi guarantee
Renault Clio 1.2i 2 doors 27 €/day 24 €/day 19 €/day CALL 200 €
Peugeot 206 27 €/day 24 €/day 19 €/day CALL 200 €
Nissan Micra 1.2i 4 doors 34 €/day 29 €/day 25 €/day CALL 250 €
Citroen C3 1.2i 4 doors 38 €/day 33 €/day 28 €/day CALL 250 €
Renault Symbol 1.5dci 4 doors 43 €/day 39 €/day 34 €/day CALL 300 €
Seat Cordoba 1.4i 4 doors 43 €/day 39 €/day 34 €/day CALL 300 €
Ford Focus 1.6 i 4 doors 49 €/day 44 €/day 39 €/day CALL 300 €
Opel Astra 1.6i 4 doors 49 €/day 44 €/day 39 €/day CALL 300 €
Renault Megane 1.5dci 4 doors 54 €/day 49 €/day 44 €/day CALL 300 €
Skoda Octavia Kombi 1.9TDI 4 doors 59 €/day 54 €/day 49 €/day CALL 300 €
VW Passat 4 doors 60 €/day 55 €/day 50 €/day CALL 300 €
Toyota rav4 140 €/day 120 €/day 100 €/day CALL 300 €
BMW 730D 4 doors 159 €/day 149 €/day 139 €/day CALL 500 €
Mercedes Vito 8+1 89 €/day 79 €/day 69 €/day CALL 300 €
Opel Vivaro 89 €/day 79 €/day 69 €/day CALL 300 €

Rent a car in sibiu can be as easy as book it or make the reservation online before you arrive at the Sibiu International Airport or Aeroportul International Sibiu. The rent car Sibiu company offer in various way, the most standard is count by the number of day you will use the car. Some did offer the total number of mileage you use while some budget car rent company could offer you some great deals. However, do check out few more websites before you make your reservation to compare the price.


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