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Learning to drive manual cars is something easy as long as you catch the few tips, easy steps and guidelines that have been shared in the greatest ever teaching “Learning to drive a manual transmission car” and “Teach me how to drive a manual car”. Now Angelina is going to share you more extra and special tips that have never been shared before. These tips are base on basic technique for all beginners to learn how to drive manual car especially girls. Don’t you wanna be sweet car girls that can drive a manual car naturally?

Most of the beginner will go through an approved driving education course, but nowadays driving course may just offer the basic technique of learning to drive a car while not offering the course of how to drive a manual car. Therefore some reading from the internet, virtual practice, simulator, or even car games are good for beginner before go for real road practice.

5 Tips for driving manual cars

Tips 1 – Practice at place with minimum distractions

Beginner usually easy to get distracted when they practice at crowded place. Learning to drive manual cars, manual transmission car, or stick-shift car is slightly more challenging than learning to drive an automatic car. This is because the car engine will off if the clutch is not properly control of fully let go when the engine is still running. For those who had learnt how to drive a car, do not play any great car pranks to the beginner to distract them.

Tips 2 – Learn the manual gear pattern

Manual gear knob

It is a common sense that gears are to be start from no 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4…and so on. 4-speed transmission cars will only have 4 gears while 5-speed transmission cars come with 5 gears. Some super exotic sports cars like Ferrari 360 spider does come with 6-speed. Learn the gear pattern of your car, when you had got used to it you can easily manage them without have to look at it.

Tip 3 – Shift pattern for cars build in America, Europe, and Asia

manual transmission shift pattern

No 1 showing the most standard 4-speed shift pattern for most of the cars from old times until nowadays, where N marks the neutral and R marks the reverse.

No 2 showing the most common 5-speed shift pattern for most of the common cars. The most standard shift pattern works left to right, top to bottom in common sense. Regardless of left-hand drive or right-hand drive cars.

No 3 shift pattern is another type of 5-speed shift pattern which mostly can be found in some Europe cars like BMW, Audi, OpelRenault, and among others.

No 4 is call the “Dog-leg first” shift patterns. These kind of shift pattern are mostly used on race cars or some older 3-speed transmission vehicle.

Tip 4 – Always remember the clutch is your pal

You will have to press the clutch (the most left pedal) whenever you slow down the car. This is very important to keep the engine alive. You do not have to care about why car engine won’t start or whatsoever.

Tip 5 – Do not go too hard for the reverse gear

manual transmission

Reverse gear has only come with 1 pair of gears. Therefore the power for the car to reverse is almost same with the power of gear no 1 for the car to move forward. For some car like Renault Kangoo, you will have to pull up the ring at the gear stick then only you can enter the gear successfully and reverse the car. Obviously, learning to drive an automatic car is much more easier, but manual car does have its own fun.

Ready to get your car engine started after know the tips for learning to drive manual cars?

classic car manual transmission


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