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Labeled diagram of car engine


Here we shared a labeled diagram of car engine. Each part is labeled with simple explanation through a detail car engine diagram image. This page will explain both external parts on an engine as well as internal parts inside a petrol engine. Most of the external parts we can usually see are air filter, carburetor (older type engine), injection system (newer engine), alternator, and among others. Here we will explain with simple diagram of car engine.

labeled car engine diagram
The engine diagram above here show the simple parts of a petrol engine that we can see from our eyes except some internal parts. An engine is power up from the batter power which connects to the coil. The coil connected to the distributor which it distributes power equally to the spark plugs. Some engine has three plugs, some has four, and six or eight plugs depend on the engine size.

The diagram here is a carburetor engine. As you can see there is a carburetor place on top of the engine. There will be a fuel lines connect from the fuel tank to the carburetor to supply fuel (see where is the fuel filter located). The function of a carburetor is to blends air and fuel for an internal combustion inside the engine.

Once the air and fuel is blended properly from the carburetor, it will supply into the engine. The spark generated by the plug touches the fuel inside the engine will lead to combustion. The combustion will then work with pushrod and valve to push to piston move up and down. From the car engine diagram above, you can imagine how the engine will work. Simple enough? If your car engine won’t start you should consult any experienced mechanic.

There are many other parts which play important role in an engine. This has included the air filter, oil filter, engine fan, alternator, fan belt, timing chain, camshaft, oil sump, crankshaft, cylinder block, engine cylinder, cylinder head, and among others. For a detail internal combustion engine diagram, please refer to car engine diagram for more information in stead of the simple labeled car engine diagram above.


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