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Jay Leno’s cars break down again

Jay Leno’s cars break down again! Jay Leno’s 100-year-old white steam car goes up in smoke last week on a street in Encino, California, forcing him to pull over to Chili’s restaurant. One onlooker said, “The car’s engine just started smoking in the heat and it looked like it was catching fire. Ironically, Jay pulled over in front of a Chili’s Restaurant!”

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David Beckham’s son’s car

David Beckham’s Son’s car cost his father £50,000. It is many people’s dream to own a Porsche while they are young, but son of David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham has already driving his own Porsche at the age of 9. However, he is only allowed to drive a toy car at his house but not the adult version of Porsche.

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Justin Bieber drives Lamborghini

Justin Bieber drives Lamborghini when he turned 16 while many are thinking what is a good first car for a teenager. Justin Bieber, an American teen pop star who just turned 16 on March 2010 is driving P. Diddy’s $200,000 while color Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder on Tuesday with his good friend Sean Kingston in the car to buy some frozen yogurt.

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Rapper shows off his $2 million sports cars

Sports cars are always big man’s toy, and this man, Birdman recently shows off the kind of toy over million dollars, the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Veyron is one of the top 10 exotic sports cars that ranked number two as world’s fastest car. Birdman, who goes by his real name as Bryan Williams is a CEO of Cash Money Records, had snapped some shots of the Buggatti with a business card that reads “I am expensive”.

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Jay Leno’s car collection

Here is the delicious A-list of Jay leno’s car collection if you wonder how many cars does Jay Leno own or what kind of cars does Jay Leno have in his collection. Jay Leno, famous stand-up comedian and also Hollywood’s biggest car collector has got more than 100 cars in his garage in Burbank industrial park which he named it “Big Dog Garage”. Yes more than a hundred cars, you must have wondering why people love cars.

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Bill Gates car

Bill Gates, consistently ranked as the richest man in the world, you must wondering what Bill Gates car is? What kind of cars does Bill Gates have? People in this world must have thought the richest man in the world own the most expensive car in the world, world fastest production car, or world fastest car. So, what kind of car does Bill Gates own? Let’s check out the richest man’s garage!