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David Beckham’s son’s car


David Beckham’s Son’s car cost his father £50,000. It is many people’s dream to own a Porsche while they are young, but son of David Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham has already driving his own Porsche at the age of 9. However, he is only allowed to drive a toy car at his house but not the adult version of Porsche.

Although David Beckham can just like an ordinary dad go to any supermarket to get a $200 dollars mini cars for kids but as a super-rich football player, he bought his beloved kid a Porsche toy car that cost £50,000, estimated around $72,000 USD.

David Beckham's son's porsche
Isn’t the car is cool?

David Beckham's son's car

The Porsche is powered by a diesel engine which he is only able to drive the car at David Beckham’s mansion in UK. It is just another very special gift that most of the kids in the world wish to get, a 50 grand Porsche.


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