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Bill Gates, consistently ranked as the richest man in the world, you must wondering what Bill Gates car is? What kind of cars does Bill Gates have? People in this world must have thought the richest man in the world own the most expensive car in the world, world fastest production car, or world fastest car. So, what kind of car does Bill Gates own? Let’s check out the richest man’s garage!

Bill Gates, the richest man in the world with Net worth of US$50 billion in year 2009 and consistently ranked no 1 for many years, you must have wondering what car he is using or driving. The most common answer given by most of the websites is a black special made limousine Chevrolet Corvette which has 2 scissor door direct open up to the sky like an aero plane.

Gates was born in 1955 in Seattle, Washington U.S. As the world most famous person he definitely own more than 1 car. One of the famous cars that Bill Gates own is the 1988 Porsche 959 which questionable emissions and unknown crash ratings. Gates’ 959 have got a federal law signed by ex U.S president Bill Clinton to make the car road legal in U.S.

Besides the famous Porsche, a well-known Bill Gates car is the Lincoln Continental which has brought him a luxury image.

In year 2008, with the Net worth of US$50 billion, some news reported that Bill Gates had blue color Ford Focus and pictures was taken. Over the past year, Bill Gates was also well known for his humility life.

What kind of cars does Bill Gates have?

Here are the cars in Bill Gates garage (citation needed):

  • 1988 Porsche 959 Coupe
  • 1998 Lincoln Continental
  • 1999 Porsche 911 Convertible
  • Ford Focus
  • Limousine Chevrolet Corvette

In conclusion, if you love cars you must rebel and find the most beautiful car that falls into your own grasp no matter who you are.


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